Ramana's Power of Presence

by Robert Wolfe on September 21st, 2010

The three-volume series The Power of the Presence, compiled by David Godman, is a collection of about thirty reminiscences by various devotees of Ramana Maharshi, over a period of about 50 years.

In a marginal way, it is also a testimony to Indians' generosity to the needy, their endurance of discomfort, their devoted service to a teacher, and their obsession with having - or wanting to have - phenomenal religious experiences (which, when they do have them, they seem to learn little from.)

This latter despite their guru Ramana's teachings:

"What is perceived by our senses and the mind is never the truth. All 'visions' are mere mental creations. And if you believe in them, your progress ceases!

"Enquire to whom the [experiences] occur. Find out who is their witness...Don't move out of that state."

But the volumes are more directly a discovery of the aspects of Ramana's presence which one might not expect - such as the times when he chastises, cajoles, or cries. There are dozens of such examples.

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