The Bottom Line

Posted on February 6th, 2010

What is the first and foremost conscious priority in your life? If it is not to recognize your inseparability with the absolute, then neither spiritual reading nor guidance is appropriate to your primary interest or pursuits.

But if that divine recognition is your urgent priority, then the essential aspects of your daily life are—or are obliged to be—organized around that sustained motif. Are they? If not, then conditions are not appropriate for proceeding (whether or not one reads, or is attracted to, spiritual guidance).

What are the appropriate conditions for recognizing inseparability with the absolute? A woman, whom I know, was suddenly hospitalized. A surgeon insisted upon an immediate operation. She declined. He remarked, “Are you prepared to die today?” How would you answer? Are you ready and willing to relinquish all, today? Are you positioned to live from moment to moment in that condition? If so, where was the point of “embarkment” on the spiritual journey?

To be willing to relinquish all, from moment to moment, is to abdicate the future. When you are no longer inclined or impelled toward some future moment, you have come to a standstill (in terms of temporal reckoning). This private standstill is indicative or representative of surrender of the personal will. It is out of this emptiness which a revived spirit embraces and possesses our being.

This voluntary standstill is not a logical or rational procedure; it is founded on intuitive trust, or instinct. It is, in a sense, a matter of surrendering to one's deepest intuition. It is a matter of abiding by what one knows in one's heart is sacred—despite the supposed cost to oneself.
The appropriate condition for recognizing inseparability with the absolute is to give all that one has and is—for that is all that lingers “outside”. It is for each person to consider what he individually ‘has’ or ‘is’.

This letting go is not a one-time event; it is a letting go as long as there is anything left to which one clings. For, anything to which we can cling is not our sacred self. This includes our ideas about the urgency of life itself. Inseparability makes no conclusive distinctions.

So, it is not reading or learning, it is the resolution of fear that we are engaging. This must be underwritten internally, without regard to anything ever read or learned. It is a solitary, glamorousless endeavor, and you will not know when or if it is ended.

Therefore, for one reason or another, people generally end their reading and pursuit. For some, the trust is present to let go of all, including assurance of knowing. Only when all is gone, is there only one thing which remains.

Is that what you want?

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~Ananda - April 30th, 2010 at 4:43 AM
I find considerable clarity in ;this essay However, it seems to be addressed to someone who has some wonderful thing to discover...

If that thing is ones own self, then this true identity is ever the case. If this can be consistently pointed out, without referring much to the assumed identity- the seeker- this is most direct. Is it true that you will find something wonderful, or that you are something wonderful? Wonderfulness itself. This is why this writer recently took the name Ananda. (Paystubs still say "Michael Coffman").

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